georgetsuladzeGeorge Tsuladze belongs to number of the best creators of the Georgian sculptors of 90. His sculptures for last 10 years belong to the most interesting and significant occurrence of creativity. His works are deeply and organically connected to his modernity, spiritual and public  work, with problems of art and cultur.
His creativity by the main pathos is sculptural. The rich composite imagination of construction’s expression and activity spatial plastic arts is a part of creative handwiting  of the sculpture.
He actively approves moral and social values of our life.
George Tsuladze was born in Tbilisi in 1963. From 1983 till 1989 he studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, which he graduated with honers. After then he completed the post-graduate studies in the same Academy of Arts (professors Irakli Okropiridze, Levan Mkheidze, Tengiz Gviniashvili).
From 1980 George Tsuladze has been engaged in the creative art work. The principial pieces of art by Mr. Tsuladze:
25- piece monuments, the decorative complex in Saratov (Russian Federation), 1985.
Central sport complex (Moldova), 1986.
Sport complex in Anapa (Russian Federation), 1987.
Fountain “Life” in Moscow (Russian Federation), 1988.
Heroes Memorial (Ukraine), 1989.
Monumental Decorative Sculpture “Tsikara” at Children’s World in Tbilisi (Georgia), 1989.
9 April Memorial in Tbilisi, 1989.
Memorial “New Georgia” in Tbilisi 1990.
Memorial “Glory to the Heroes” (Russian Federation), 1991.
Memorial “The Mother of the Universe” USA, 1992.
“Peace to The Children of the World” (Holland), 1992.
“The Three of Life” (the Nederlands), 1993.
“Eternity” (Germany), 1994.
“The Children’s Camp” in  St. Petersburg (Russian Federation), 1995.
“The New World” (France), 1996.
Mikhail Javakhishvili Monument In Tseraki (Georgia), 1997.
Ilia Chavchavadze Monument, Tbilisi, 1997.
George Chanturia Monument, Tbilisi, 1998.
Zurab Anjaparidze Bust in Kutaisi (Georgia), 1999.
Galaktion Tabize Monument in Poti (Georgia), 2000.
Georgie Tsabadze Monument in Tbilisi, 2000.
Grigol Khandzteli Monument in Tbilisi, 2001.
Antimoz Iverieli Memorial, Tbilisi, 2002.
General Sh. Chankotadze, Tbilisi, 2003.
George Tsuladze is a winner of the Grand Prize of International symposiums of sculptors held in France, Italy, Hungary, Canada. His works are kept on various museums andart galleries worldwide: Canada, USA, Spain, France, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland.
The Georgian sculpture always differed and deserved exclusive attention, the big contribution to it have brought the magnificent sculptors lakov Nikoladze and Nikoloz Kandelaki.l am glad, that today the Georgian sculpture has worthy representative. Especially I would like to allocate the creativity of the sculptor George Tsuladze, he is worthy representative of the previous generation. Tomorow‘s day belongs to him and his colleagues,I believe in a victory of their future creativity.
Lev Kerbel
The national artist of Russia
The real member of Art academy of Russia
sculptor – professor.
l think, George Tsuladze is the young, worthy representative of Georgian plastic arts. He has authentic intuition
of composition and form, his monumental projects are especially interesting] wish him success and even more progress.
Marian Konechni (Poland)
The national artist of Poland
The laureate of State premium of Poland.
The Georgian art is one of the big phenomena in the world, in Georgia are created the multitude of masterpiece.
lhope, that young generations will continue the great tradition of the Georgian culture.l am glad, that in brief can tell about creativity of one young creator, the sculptor- George Tsuladze. He is individual and interesting artist, in his creativity is extraordinary felt the spirit of ancestors, the heroic past. I like very much his series about soldiers.
Wish him the big creative successes.
Ugo Moeki (Italy)
Sculptor, honorable professor of Art Academy of Washington.